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Vaginal and rectal exam pain and humiliation
Nude vaginal and rectal exam of 27 y. o. busty girl Rina

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27 years old and still afraid of doctors? Is it really possible to have so great boobs and hate medical exams at the same time? Rina would answer no to this question if you asked her before this nude vaginal and rectal exam. But now that her heart is still beating like crazy and pussy is still sore and wet, this big-titted babe doesn't know the answer as the fetish gyno examination was such a hell! Oh really? The male doctor liked fingering her pussy during the bdsm vaginal exam, while having the patient's mouth gagged for more fun and silence!

A whitehead dental gag at the pussy examination? Really? Yes. Is there a gyno doctor who wouldn't like to make his sexy naked patient with big tits twist with fear and excitement while having a speculum in her pussy for the vaginal exam and getting a dental gag in her mouth? Of course, this doctor just couldn't miss out the chance to make Rina moan helplessly and wait for yet another crazy manipulation obediently on the bdsm gyno couch at the vaginal and rectal exam she has to pass to get a health certificate.

And there is no doctor who wouldn't use as terrifying medical fetish tools as a monster syringe and a cold thermometer for the anal temp test. That's why the nude obedient patient has experienced the pleasure of the really merciless rectal examination while being bent over and trying to keep the balance on the gyno exam couch. As for the pussy doctor, he is going to put the busty nude girl to the next test - not as painful as the previous manipulations but no less humiliating. What is it? Pussy washing over a medical exam basin in a crazy pose!

Moreover, the gyno doctor wanna more, and in addition to the nude rectal and vaginal exam, Rina poses for his camera in a few dirty positions and passes a very bj-like throat examination - like a slut! And as if it is not enough, she takes pleasure in some manipulations! In the HD medical fetish video you will see all emotions - embarrassment, anger, fear, shame and pleasure - in Rina's grimaces, poses and motions. Looks like the vaginal and rectal exam nude was not such a hell for this busty girl. What do you think?

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