Special exam - gyno exam videos
Unexpected gyno exam, naked workout and other embarrassing procedures!
Beautiful ladies at unexpected medical exam. Ordered take off all clothes, perform nude exercises and pass embarrassing medical procedures. Gyno exam, physical exam, nude exercises at doctor checkup, lots of flexibility and stamina tests, speculum insertion and more! Downloadable exclusive hi-quality videos!
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These women are only naive candidates who would like to get a nice job. Physical exam is a part of every hiring process. This "formal physical exam" their hirers offer them to go through to get the job includes: health measurements; nude gymnastic tests, vaginal and rectal check-ups, breast and ass palpations, many other medical manipulations and an embarrassing shooting.
Here is a collection of detailed reports from doctors' offices where nude ladies pass through the special physical and gyno examination!
Watch nude ladies pass all the tests ordered by a strict doctor!

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20 y.o. Sasha. 29 min / 340 mb, HD-qiality movie.
Army physical exams are so incredibly kinky, as if a medical bdsm fetishist arranges them. Look, 20 y. o. Sasha not only does many sports and yoga exercises in the nude and gets her cunny stretched during a gyno exam but also gets photographed by this army doctor! Totally strange!
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Scrupulous gyno exam (including a metal speculum insertion) and rectal checkup, blood pressure and flexibility tests (including nude yoga), breast inspection and...21 y. o. Viola never forgets this crazy so called formal physical exam she has to pass as a potential secretary!
Lovely 22 y. o. Dasha is a quite shy lady, but she has to get nude and undergo this physical exam if she wants to become a highly-paid manager. She gets inspected by a male doctor from head to foot, does some nude exercises and passes a gyno exam. Metal speculum insertion and temperature tests included!
19 y.o. Daria. 27 min / 324 mb, HD-quality.
This busty woman recruit Daria has turned 19 and she has to undergo a physical exam before she becomes an army chickie. A female doc in military uniform has inspected her nude body from top to toe, made Daria do many exercises and forced the lady to spread her pussy for a gyno exam, shooting the examinee in passing!
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23 y.o. Julia. 27 min / 365 mb.
It doesn't matter that Julia is on her period - she must get totally nude, undergo a physical exam and do some exercises to reveal her flexibility. She is awfully embarassed with these manipulations (esp. with a gyno exam), as if came to life from dreams of a medical fetish freak.
20 y.o. Dasha, 29 min / 355 mb, HD-qiality movie.
This nasty lover of medical bdsm games adores making her examinee feel embarassed and frightened. Today she has got 20 y. o. Dasha in a physical exam order - this chick has to demonstrate her flexibility and undergo a total gyno exam. Moreover, this female doctor takes lots of photos of this obedient lady!
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military physical exam
19 y.o. Maryanna checked by male doctor; 20 min / 265 mb.
Why should Maryanna get this unpleasant physical exam? The reason is simple - this woman in glasses wants to get a good job and is even ready to turn into a medical bdsm plaything. That's why she receives a thorough gyno exam and does various exercises with full obedience!
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19 y.o. Anna. 29 min / 394 mb.
Yet another candidate, ready for anything in chase of a highly-paid job? Well. First of all, 19 y. o. Anna has to undergo a physical exam (weight and flexibility tests) and after that, her male doc (a real fan of medical fetish games) gives her a hard gyno exam time and inspects her asshole mercilessly!
24 y.o. Katya. 28 min / 365 mb.
If you ask 24 y. o. Katya if she wants to go through this "formal" physical exam once again, she'll answer "No way!" That nasty male doc has inspected her nude body from top to toe, inspecting deeply her pussy in gyno exam and making her do lots of exercises to check out her stamina. No, she is not a guinea pig!

23 y.o. Lilia. 28 min / 382 mb
Busty 23 y. o. babe Lilia is so confused with this necessity to get absolutely naked for a physical exam and to pass this flexibility tests. But this beauty has to do the squats and the push-ups under control of a female doctor because she wants to get this job anywise.

23 y.o. Nadia. 28 min / 375 mb.
Let's face it - there is nothing exciting in this physical exam for 23 y. o. Nadia. But there are lots of thrilling moments for those who have a medical fetish! Gyno exam, tampon play, flexibility tests, breast control, ass palpation and many other hot medical procedures - totally awesome!
19 y.o. Valentina. 28 min / 365 mb, HD-qiality movie.
Why does this nurse make her do these exercises in the nude? Why is she shooting her during a physical exam? What's up? 19 y. o. Valentina has no answers to these questions but she must do everything this kinky nurse asks for...Don't miss out this episode if you have got a medical fetish!
23 y.o. Bigi, 31 min / 409 mb.
Adore watching medical fetish videos just from the doc's offices? Here is 23 y. o. Bigi, passing through a physical exam, getting her body scrupulously inspected, performing many nude exercises and spreading her tight pussy for a plastic speculum to go through a gyno exam. Time to see this medical craziness in detail!
20 y.o. Masha. 31 min / 411 mb.
Buxom 20 y. o. Masha thought her boobs are big and juicy enough to get this job without troubles. But as her hirer is a medical bdsm maniac, so first she has to go through a total physical exam, perform some exercises to show her flexibility and get her pussy stretched with a speculum in a gyno exam!
22 y.o. Sophia, 28 min / 357 mb.
Some nude squats and stretches, some physical exam tests, some breast control touches, some asshole and pussy insertions with various medical fetish tools - 22 y. o. Sophia gets so embarrassed during this "formal" med inspection that she feels a plaything for medical bdsm experiments!
21 y.o. Luba. 32 min / 373 mb. HD-qiality movie.
A medical fetish report from a doc's office here! Big-titted 21 y. o. babe Luba goes through a total physical exam here, showing off her spread ass and pussy and doing some nude gymnastic and yoga exercises! It is very strange but this female doc makes her pose before a cam!
24 y.o. Kristina. 29 min / 414 mb, HD-qiality movie.
Slim cutie Kristina has turned 24 and she is going to become a military woman. She has to 1) demonstrate her flexibility and stamina to this doc, 2) piss into a big vessel, 3) undergo a gyno exam and 4) do many other kinky things in the doctor's office. Is she really ready to become an army woman?



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